Sunday, May 9, 2010

The start of summer 2010

Sharon and I arrived three weeks ago…….Green Harbor Marina and Campground  After six month of traveling we’re looking forward to seeing family and friends…….


We spent the first days cleaning up the leaves and sticks from the winter storms we missed …..


Took a ride and got Sharon's car out of winter storage……She’ll start working at Wegmans a large grocery store chain in upstate NY .

I started working at the campground ….its run by Don and Barb Anderson ……..A nice couple originally from Penn. they have owned it for a few years and have brought it from near death to where it is today …..My first job was to drive a vintage international stake/dump truck ….101_3956 101_3957 

No power steering

No radio

A real mans truck


Its a lot of fun working with Don and he is going to teach me more stuff in the weeks to come ……..

Sharon is also working at the camp ……..she started painting the store this week ……0505101630a

She’s very good at painting and doesn’t mind the heights……

Green Harbor opened on the first of May and our camp friends started showing up ……                       

we all help each other when we can ……100_0529

100_0534A new deck for the Calabros ….here you see Mike their neighbor helping out :

100_0525  uuummm

Clean up is always a chore :

100_0531 Again Mike is there to do his part :

100_0527 ooohhhh

Well its the thought that counts I guess…..

I picked up a 2007 Yamaha 1100 this week and drove around the area , getting use to driving again…….I took my camera too


Its a sneaker tree ….they’re very rare and this one has been here for many years….






The story goes that the school kids throw them in the tree at the end of each school year…….I found a pair of size 10s that suit me just fine …thanks kids!!!!! After all now that I’m retired, I’m on a fixed income …..


A interesting mail

box …..



A plow with a 8 HP. engine …..



the horses are so beautiful and strong…..a little of yesterday only today……..



a cool house …I’d like to check out the inside ….





the frieze windows

you don’t see them every day do you ?

Sharon and I will be here for the summer visiting and spending time with family and friends….

So the blog won’t be updated as often as in the winter months but I will post when I can…….

take care and have a good summer

Safe Travels Paul & Sharon