Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Year Number Two Starts

Its been a year since I punched out  at the city of Rochester , NY for the last time ……


      The year went by so fast …..Last winter travels and then back home for the summer . Sharon working part-time at Wegmans grocery store and me work camping at Green Harbor Marina and Campground .

We stopped and took a long look at the last years budget . After joining some good camping programs and looking for nice places to stay that are not to expensive we should do better this winter for camping fees.With that said we have to look at some other savings …….A little less dining out and some of the THINGS  Sharon bought last year will have to stop ……….

                                 For Example ……


A Harley Road King


A Dodge Truck to carry the Harley

Plus , some odds and ends like a ramp to load the Harley …new jackets and helmets for both of us …. etc etc …..

I love my wife but this shopping and buying has to stop ….She has promised to not let me buy anything else …..I mean ….well yes it is my buying and not hers , that’s the problem …..


A new look now and a little less miles per gallon …..

Some pictures of the summer of 2010 ……..


Well , a short recap of the summer of 2010 …..We’ll be starting our 2011 Adventure Blogs and seeing more of our Great Nation ……..

        Thanks for stopping by …….Paul and Sharon  ( Monty too )