Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun , Hot and Enjoyable Summer

Seems like only yesterday that we got home to Green Harbor Marina and Campground ,  at the beginning of May ……

Its been a busy three months……….


        Our daughter EARNED her Masters of Arts from Syracuse University….Sharon and I are sooooo Proud of her……


       We also got to meet Sharon’s sister Candace  and husband Brett's’ new son Chase ……a big handsome boy that he is ……here with mom and uncle Jon……….

0426101827a                                        My brother Earl was honored to receive a yes answer from his beautiful lady Mj and will be married next summer.

    On a sad note we lost our long time  ( almost 14 yrs ) family dog Cody …..

Picture 023                              He helped train our cockapoo , Monty and protected and loved us all….. he’ll be remembered  and missed……..

            I’ve had a few motorcycles in the past and during our last winter trip we met new friends , Dan & Tricia …they have a nice fifth wheel and Dan fitted his truck to carry his Harley on their travels. Being on a  “ fixed income “ I couldn’t afford a Harley so I got a used 2007, 1100 Yamaha


   Then , we ( I say we so it looks like Sharon thought all this was a good idea )   then had  to trade the Vibe in for a truck to carry the bike and pull behind the RV ……..

254  0607101630

        Its a 2005 Dakota  ( 19,000 miles ) four wheel drive and flat towable ……… soon as “we’ get  ramps ,and a couple other accessories  we’ll be ready for 2011 winter trip to the west and south again for the winter months …..

     I was able to work camp here this year …..its been fun and also a challenge at times…..The owners Don and Barb Anderson are young and hard workers…..they’ve brought  the camp from a state of disrepair to where it is now and have wonderful plans for the future…….Dons taught me a bunch of new skills including honey wagon operations . Which  at first sounds sweet and and probably fun…..well it is neither……. SMILE … is some pictures of Sharon and I at work :

OK … that's not me plowing …but it is a neat shot….

Our son Paul along with his wife Laura and baby Kaylee came for a few days ………


Some shots of friends and just having fun :


Green Harbor Sunsets :


Today is the 9 of August and as the more experienced Rvers say I’m getting the hitch itch.It won’t be long until we start get ready for our 2011 winter adventures. I hope all our family and friends that read our blog are able to have joy and peaceful times this summer . Paul and Sharon