Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End

Sharon and I Started our RV adventure November  2009 and what a ride its been …..I said that we’d travel until we found the place we wanted to settle down ……
       I really thought it would be many years until that time would come……We made it to Phoenix , AZ. , and we ran into a a man from Sharon's past looking at a house . His name is Tony Gregorio , Sharon use to baby for him , well actually his daughter Angel .
I also have known  him , his wife Pam and a couple of their kids ……A good family….
Well the housing troubles we all saw on the television the last few years , were happening here live and very sad too . Sharon and I went to look at the house that Tony was looking at and met his realtor Tom .
  A few days later we looked at a few and found one that was wonderful . It was built three years ago and after a couple of offers and counter offers we ended up buying it for a third of what it sold for three years ago .
This is our new HOME :
 At first I thought we could sell the RV and buy a travel trailer for our summer home at Green Harbor campground . But it isn’t going to happen for a while . we are going to stay here FULLTIME , and go to Rochester to visit a few weeks every summer . Maybe after social security kicks in we wil be able to go for the whole summers .
          We will still travel around the west coast and blog . Just not as often and not for long periods of time .
I hope to see you all at one time or another , either in N.Y. , here in Arizona or just on the road  .
Happy Trails to You ……..


  1. Whoop Whoop - Congratulations Paul and Sharon!! We know exactly where our first stop is going to be once we hit the road in 6 months! Please tell us that you have the appropriate full hook-ups for your friends from NC!!!! None of this dumping the grey water in the lawn thing! Just kidding (about the grey water - not about us visting!!!)
    Dan and Tricia

  2. Hi Paul and Sharon,
    Congratulations on buying a home in Phoenix! I am really excited for you! All the best. I enjoy your blog.
    Mike McMullen

  3. Hey Paul, you forgot to add the part about how Angel is your most favorite sister-in-law.......I would have given you the quilt rack back if you had mentioned that piece of your story....P.S. Congrats & can't wait to come visit & see your new place!!! :)

  4. Cool Beans!!!!! Cannot wait till we join you two SOON!!!!!!!! Keep the fires burning kids!!!
    Love you two!!!
    We be gunna have some fun!!in the sun!!
    Love and hugs
    Pami and Tony

  5. Hi Sharon and Paul,

    We will miss you but we may see you sooner than later.

    Marcia and Jim

  6. Congrats on your new house! When will you be moving, & are you right in Phoenix or in the outskirts? You never know, the next time we head out west we just might turn up on your doorstep. Keep us posted on how things are going with you guys. We've been down in Fla. since Dec. A mo. at Leo's sister & a mo. at Lk Placid. Leaving here in the AM, going to Ruskin for a wk or so to visit some friends & relatives. Then back to his sister for a couple wks on the way home. Leo & Jo

  7. ey Paulie,congrats on your new home!It looks really nice and sounds like you got a great deal (what a suprise) as usual.Just a little update on our boy-3 week suspension so no 5 for you.Sorry,But who knows what happens in the future.Anyway I wish you both happiness in Az.Take care JK

  8. Lucky You !!

    The place looks great. You will really like it there in the winter compared to this go forsaken ice box !!

    We are in the Tampa Airport now waiting on our flight back to the great white north.

    Tough to leave the 80 ‘ weather , but have to go back to work tomorrow L

    See you sometime , enjoy the Harley !!
    Scott P.

  9. Dear Paul and Sharon,
    Congratulations, your new house is awesome. I am so happy for you. I will miss seeing the three of you. It just will not be the same. Please keep the blogs coming, even if you don't travel. A picture of Monte would be nice.
    Who will help Don on tuesdays. I know he will miss you the most on "those days". We will have to find another reporter for the gazette. I also will kid Joy that she got rid of another neighbor. It already happened in Florida. I hope she does not get a complex.
    Sharon, I read about your brother. The same thing was done quite a few years ago at our City Mission. It was over money also. At first people were giving less money. It was also political. I knew the family in charge, they were patients of mine. If they had any fault it was that they were overcaring. Keep Paul in line. I know that is a full time job. Enjoy your new home.

  10. Hi,

    Got back from Florida, and just read your blog about your new home in Arizona. Congratulations!!! It looks beautiful, and I am very happy for you, but very sad for us left at G.H. You and Sharon will be missed very much!!!