Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We started a little late this year due to Sharon needing  some surgery …..here she is just before under going the knife …looking good too ……


Well , all went fine and a week later Sharon's  Dr. Wendy said that we could start our winter trip…..

We left on the 5th of November about an hour after that doctors appointment.

Our first stop was Gettysburg , Pennsylvania . The weather was cold  , but no snow yet …We stayed there for two days and then left for Longsville , North Carolina .

Last year we met Dan and Tricia at the “ RV-Dreams “ 2009 Rally .They invited us to stay at their place sometime soooooo.  we did .. What a good time we had . They are both fun and loving people , we felt like not only relatives  , but like relatives that you actually enjoy ……Tricia made some great meals and fantastic deserts too .

Here is our “ SITE “ at their place :



It’s a beautiful  home ……It also goes up for sale in the spring when they’ll join us as fulltimers……how cool is that ….

It was Dan that made me need a bike after seeing his set up for hulling his Harley ……..


and 5th wheel .. a sweet set up he engineered himself.

Dan and I went to a Veterans day celebration in town on 11 November …we rode the Hogs there ……

And then took a ride around the area :


Tricia and Dan had a chili and bomb fire party  with friends and family ….It was a great start to our winter trip and look forward to see them both again soon …maybe this summer up in Green Harbor …….Thanks for the fun, Guys  …….

……Heading north to our next stop , Lake Gaston Resort in Gasburg , Va. Its part of our program of campgrounds and therefore the fee’s are free ……we spent four days there …..a nice park and a bunch of cats

From there we traveled north to Paul and Laura’s for the 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner ………

Paul and Laura made arrangements for us to camp on a Navy base for $20.00 a day……its about 8-10 mile away from their house…….it was very convenient . They had a full house this year , Lauras’ Mom and Dad , and this year Pauls’ Mom Esther and husband Michael  came down and Steve and Teresa with the boys ; Tryston and Baylan too came for dinner . Pauls’ cousin and my favorite nephew Andy came from D.C. for a few days . They made a turkey in the oven and a deep fried one too ….

We had a group help with the deep fried one ……

it seems with the beer and nice weather it wasn’t hard to get help !!!!!!!!!

Paul did the carving and everything turned out so so goooood ….


That’s me back at the kids table !!!!!!!   I guess that is really where I belong and we had a ball ….Steve’s boys are so much fun and well behaved… He's a good Dad ………


Laura made a cake for my birthday it has very tasty ….TY

I did find some time to nap :


It was another 10 days of family time and good times , some pictures of the 10 days …….

We drove around the Navy Base and found the SeaBee Headquarters ; here's me with the BEE….


We left Norfolk with full tummies and good memories …..

Now its time to head south ……..

Next stop , Jackson Springs N.C. at The Sycamore Lodge  ; we were there for four days . We didn’t anything there ; it seems I left Norfolk , VA , with a cold and not much energy . Sharon did take some picture of the grounds , it’s a beautiful place .

Our next stop Greensboro , GA. A place called “ The North Shore Resort “ A neat idea for a campground all the buildings and cabin are made up of old railroad cars …..Many of the individual site are at different levels giving great views of the lake .

Can you tell we are getting more south from this sign ?


I'm sure they lost the C stencil . Who am I kidding if I didn’t have spell check no one would be able to read my blog …..

We did some antiquing and found this shop with all Pakistan and India rugs , clothing and material . It didn’t really interest me until this woman appeared and we started talking ……We told her we traveled during the winter months and camped up north in the summer. It turned out she traveled  as  a child with her parent who were American State department employee’s and then so was her husband .  She invited us for tea and crackers , I’m not one to pass up a free meal . She made Green Tea with some sort of star shaped additive to take the bitterness away ..and flat bland crackers ( no jelly too ) . Sharon and I stayed there for over an hour and had a wonderful time . I wanted to hear about her life , but she keep going back to  us  talking about our life style . I felt like she couldn't talk about the State Dept. maybe Spy's I thought in my mind ….


I very neat lady …. Time well spent and one of the things I like most of traveling …..the people we meet and all the things I learn from them ….

On to more shops ….found this very cool hat …Sharon said no …GEEEEE


The 8th of December came and was our time to more on ……

Live Oak , FL . and seven days at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park ……I’m still not feeling 100 % In fact I think for the first time Sharon drove for a few hours …….


She’s good too …..told me not to get use to it….Yea , Like I would take advantage of any situation …..

The park is neat and in the spring and fall home to some big name entertainment …….at the peak I’m told over 50,000 people ………its on the river with the same name ……can’t really tell from the pictures , the water is clean and clear …..

I went for a ride on the Harley ( weathers not allowed it often ) and found a place to play Texas hold um ….Played for about 2 1/2 hour and only lost $20.00 ….. ( ok …Sharon reads this too sooooo )

That's about it for now ….Sorry its not to exciting , I am starting to feel a little better ……Tomorrow we head to Alabama …continuing our Adventure.

In closing , Sharon and I celebrated Twenty years as husband and wife  on the 7th of December 2010 .  Some measure a life by the amount of money or the size of a house or by great things they do ……I find that I’m so BLESSED to have a friend and companion that’s with me supporting and loving me all the time  …..I want for no more then to finish life with her …….. How lucky am I ?


  1. Dude! You got the life of Riley. Congrats. One suggestion? Lose the Frito Bandito hat. They'll pull you over in Arizona.

  2. We got a new camper in Nov
    Broke down and got a 5th wheel
    But haven't used it yet
    Crossing our fingers for the 1st of Jan weather
    We will head for Peace river and then on to MRV
    Where in Alabama are you heading?
    We plan on Florida then Ala and then Tex this year
    I got golf clubs now

    Ernie Bennett
    SFC USA Ret

  3. What a great blog! I feel like I'm right there with you....then I look outside...almost 2 feet of snow....oh well. It is 7:22 and I'm off to work. I hope I can use that 4 letter word here....talk to you soon...love you both, Earl

  4. Paul and Sharon - We had a great time and glad you guys could come hang out with us for awhile. Can't wait to meet up again....soon!!!
    Much love - Tricia and Dan (Tigger, too!!)

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